IMG_0322-2The first workshop in the Bath-UNAM-CIMAT series will be held in November at CIMAT in Mexico. This is the first in a block of three workshops on Statitics in Environmental Reasearch and will be given by Gavin Shaddick and Jim Zidek. There are also workshops in probability (May 2016) and other subjects, including uncertainty quantification, planned for the future in this series.

Bath, UNAM and CIMAT (BUC) Workshop Series:  Statistics in Environmental Research

I. When populations and hazards collide: modelling exposures and health risks in space and time
Three Day Short Course:  12- 14 Nov 20 5

Dr Gavin Shaddick,  Department of Mathematical Sciences, University of Bath, UK
Professor Jim Zidek, Department of Statistics, University of British Columbia, Canada

II. Thinking globally: the role of big data (Q1, 2016; Mexico)
III. New frontiers: advanced modelling in space and time (Q2, 2016; UK)
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